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JL WOOD—The Full Disclosure Wine Company

JL WOOD—The Full Disclosure Wine Company

We have a lofty goal for every wine. We want it to reflect its vineyard source (terroir, which includes viticulture practices), demonstrate its uniqueness from using artisanal winemaking, and be devoid of industrial manipulation.  

If you have been on the websites of other wineries, we are sure you have found many solemn pledges to the highest quality assurance practices, not to mention flowery descriptions of the flavors, drinking characteristics, and general greatness of their wines. 

Here at JL WOOD we do things a little differently. First of all, we think that as a modern consumer you want to know your product. We give you full insight into things that other wine companies would rather keep to themselves, so you, as a thinking human being, can make informed buying and drinking decisions. 

More importantly, we give you information about our wines that the big corporations simply don’t have. As we deal with small lots of fruit we actually know where they come from, what their characteristics are, at what time they were harvested, how they were treated every step of the way, and so on. 

Shaping the wine through selection of raw materials sure beats having to manipulate the wine with chemicals and additives during fermentation and aging.  

This is an industry secret that is well known to wine professionals and you’ll see them mention this when they critique wines on the market, especially when they highlight the differences in wine quality for big vs small productions.

And there is something more to that: As we deal in smaller lots it is much easier for us to find grapes that are ideally suited for our purpose, and to blend different lots precisely to further refine our flavor profiles and shape them into delicious wines.  

Some say the goal of modern winemaking aimed at the mass market is to simply display characters unique to a specific varietal.  That’s like saying that averages represent peak performance. 

We know we can do better. We know you want better.

Each of our wine products will have the tables displayed at the beginning of this blog. These tables will help you understand our selection choices and match them to your preferences.

In Serving Facts, we give you a full overview of things that may relate to your diet: percent and amount of alcohol per serving, calories, sugars, etc. The table is laid out to federal government specifications for alcoholic beverages. And the data on the table was provided by an independent laboratory.  We give you the specific numbers.  

For example, the sugar number is so low that the government allows us, at our discretion, to say that the wine has zero sugar.   But in these days when many people are looking carefully at their sugar intake, we thought it would be better to provide the exact number.  

Doesn’t that make you feel better? 

The Vineyard Facts section contains all the information you could ever want on where, when and how the wine was grown. Things such as where in the world the wine was grown, the soil it was grown in, the vines it came from, and so on. We also list the brix value (a measure for the amount of sugar in the grape) at harvest. 

Not only can this information be useful for you to determine the quality and characteristics of a wine, but we think it helps develop your relationship to the wine and the people who made it, which would be us. 

Wine Facts is the section that tells you about how the wine was made after the grapes were crushed. Here you will find information on how the juice was fermented into raw wine, whether it had contact with oak. As we are sure you are aware aging wine in oak has a major impact on the flavor. We will also show you information about sulfites, which occur naturally and are added to preserve the wine. 

We are committed to giving you the information you need both to better enjoy the wine you drink, and also to know that you are buying from a company that does things sustainably and responsibly. 

We think you deserve both, and you can have both, along with wines that are delicious and reflective of their source. Let’s drink to that. 

And we are willing to improve these disclosures in the future.  Email us if there is anything specific you would like to know.

To your health!