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Press release:"Hoo Knew" Delivers Delicious Chardonnay with 30% Less Calories

Press release:"Hoo Knew" Delivers Delicious Chardonnay with 30% Less Calories

Starting August 1, 2022, JL WOOD will ship their newest product, “Hoo Knew”, a reduced alcohol Chardonnay (9.7% ALC/VOL). Provided in 750mL bottles, it is 80 calories per 5 ounce serving. Serving Facts on “Hoo Knew” can be found on the website 

Paul Morrison, JL WOOD Managing Director, summarizes the value proposition: “Our target buyer is concerned about alcohol levels or calories. Many customers want to control their intake of alcohol for a variety of reasons: health, help with weight loss, less potent drinking, etc. It is important to note that we make no representations about the health impacts of alcohol reduction. The Federal warning on the back of the bottle remains the same.” 

Paul continues: “We determined that the reduced alcohol customer wants a tasty wine experience. We take no short-cuts in the winery, nor do we ask our customers to accept trade-offs in quality. The same hand selected high-quality grapes from our own JL WOOD Ranch that go into our other luxury products are used in “Hoo Knew”.”

Ed Filice, JL WOOD winemaker, explains the reduced alcohol technology behind “Hoo Knew”. “We used a light touch “spinning cone” process. Our evaluations revealed that it has a minimum of quality and technical impacts on our final product. Like our other luxury Chardonnays, “Hoo Knew” is fully fermented with no added sugar or flavor reducing malolactic fermentation.”

JL WOOD is very attentive to their consumer’s focus on the environment. Having farmed the same land for over 100 years, the JL WOOD team thinks about sustainability and their carbon footprint in every process. Both vineyard and winery operations are sustainably certified.