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Tasty Chardonnay - Not sold in stores

Make every day special!

🍇🥂 Discover your inner wine connoisseur with award winning JL WOOD Chardonnay! 🌟 Whether you're a wine aficionado or a casual sipper, it's all about YOUR taste, YOUR style, YOUR rules.

Forget stuffy traditions and nonsensical descriptions. 🌿🧀 Savor every moment your way.

What we offer: Affordable artisan quality Chardonnay wines that highlight the natural flavors of the fruit with a refreshing acidity. Made with minimal processing and certified sustainable practices.

👩‍🍳 Pair JL WOOD with your favorite dishes, from gourmet meals to late-night snacks—it's all about YOUR unique palate and preferences.

Solo night in? Pop open a bottle and enjoy a cozy evening of relaxation. 🌌 Or gather your friends for a lively wine tasting party—because wine is meant to be shared and celebrated together!

🌟 JL WOOD Chard is the affordable luxury for all occasions. 

If you're watching calories, try our reduced alcohol wine, Hoo Knew.

None of our wines are sold in stores (on purpose). Do you really want to drink a (store) wine where cost was the primary design consideration? Forget about that. Get the better stuff conveniently delivered to your door.

Plus, all of the grapes used in our wine -- 100% -- are from a single estate on California's Central Coast. Our own estate that we farm. And, importantly, our wine is not blended with wine from other regions or countries.

Our story

My family has lived on and worked with this land in Monterey County, California for almost 120 years. For decades I watched my father, JL Wood grow his vines and harvest the grapes to sell to winemakers across the region. I grew up on this ranch; it is my home.

When my husband and I took over the ranch, the vision was for our family to be working this land in another 100 years. To achieve this, we decided to not only grow and harvest the grapes but craft our own wines to personally give our customers our best expression of Monterey Chardonnay that will make them happy and match their lifestyle choices.

With this dream, JL Wood was born.

Please drink responsibly.

Carol Wood Morrison, Proprietor.


Our mission is simple: To be great stewards of the land and its wildlife. Produce tasty wines. That means consumer friendly pricing and doing things right rather than focusing on saving a buck here or there.

A better Chardonnay? Yes, really!

Our favorite reaction to people trying our wines for the first time is, “I don’t like traditional Chardonnay, but I like this!” 

Here's why:

Exquisite Taste: Experience the rich, complex flavors that only artisan winemakers can deliver. Each sip is a journey of palate-pleasing delights!

Sustainable Practices: Support eco-friendly vineyards like ours. Reduce your carbon footprint while enjoying a guilt-free glass.

Community Connection: Join wine lovers who appreciate the artistry and passion behind every bottle. Inspire others to sip with purpose.

Planet Friendly Wine

Planet Friendly Wine


Carol Wood Morrison, Proprietor

Ed Filice, Winemaker

We use every technique we can to ensure our farming methods and winery operations support our sustainable certification.  Our practices help us reduce our carbon footprint, conserve water, protect the wildlife, preserve the land for future generations, and enhance your drinking experience. 

And our farming practices are dictated by our approach to winemaking. They say great wine is made in the vineyard. We agree 100%. We harvest at the moment when the grapes are optimal for winemaking rather than convenient to someone's schedule. This means that our wine requires minimal processing, allowing the grapes to "show their stuff" naturally rather than through the result of manipulation using chemical inputs.

Questions, Comments?

Whether you are new to wine, a wine enthusiast, a wine distributor or retailer, contact us at the email below.