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Tasty Chardonnay - Not sold in stores

Your rules. Your style. That's you!

We're here for you. JL WOOD is the tasty (and more affordable) Chardonnay. A Chardonnay that will surprise you. It's complimentary but not overbearing. We're not going to confound you with weird wine phrases, words or rules. We're focused on one thing: Making tasty wine that you will enjoy.

Only your rules! You can drink it at any time and way that makes you happy. Perfect at the restaurant, at home, watching your favorite show, or during your vacation. Enjoy a glass by itself or pair with anything.

If you're watching calories, try our reduced alcohol wine, Hoo Knew.

None of our wines are sold in stores (on purpose). Get it directly from the producer, conveniently delivered to your door.

You need to try it. Here's a great deal from us! . . . 20% off your next order. Use discount code SIPNSAVE20 (All Caps) (Valid for one use and can't be combined with other discounts). Enter the code at check-out.

Happy customers are the goal

My family has lived on and worked with this land in Monterey County, California for almost 120 years. For decades I watched my father, JL Wood grow his vines and harvest the grapes to sell to winemakers across the region. I grew up on this ranch; it is my home.

When my husband and I took over the ranch, the vision was for our family to be working this land in another 100 years. To achieve this, we decided to not only grow and harvest the grapes but craft our own wines to personally give our customers our best expression of Monterey Chardonnay that will make them happy and match their lifestyle choices.

With this dream, JL Wood was born.

Enjoy! Carol Morrison, Proprietor.


Our mission is simple: to be great stewards of the land, the wildlife, and our wines. That means doing things right rather than focusing on saving a buck here or there.



We create our Chardonnays from our own single vineyard that reflect our unique soils and climate. What does that mean? Our Chards showcase the fruit: clean, crisp, and bold.

Our favorite reaction to people trying our wines for the first time is, “I don’t like traditional Chardonnay, but I like this!” 

We sell our wines mainly through this site.



We use every technique we can to ensure our farming methods and winery operations support our sustainable certification.  Our practices help us reduce our carbon footprint, conserve water, protect the wildlife, preserve the land for future generations, and enhance your drinking experience. 

Questions, Comments?

Whether you are new to wine, a wine enthusiast, a wine distributor or retailer, contact us at the email below.