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Shipping Policy

We take pride in being customer friendly and having business practices that are simple and effective. We want you to be completely satisfied with your wine and order experience. If you have any concerns or problems with our product or your order, please contact us immediately at

What is an easy way to contact JL Wood?

We want to earn the trust and satisfaction of you, our customer. For internet orders only email us at

Do you ship to all states?

No. We only ship to addresses where we have an approved state license for out-of-state wine shippers and we are authorized to collect or pay applicable sales and excise taxes.

Please note that current laws prohibit the Winery from shipping wine to certain states. Due to changing direct-shipping laws and regulations, the list of states that we ship to may change at any time.

A list of currently authorized states is shown below. As we grow, we are adding to our list of authorized states. Check back with us if your state is currently not on our list.

California, Washington, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Florida, Michigan, Illinois, New York, Georgia, DC, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Michigan, Minnesota and Nevada.

Who can accept a delivery?

We primarily use UPS and FedEx. We use their services that specialize in the transportation and controlled delivery of alcohol products.

Delivery requires an adult signature, which may be verified at the discretion of the carrier if allowed by local law. Please note that our carriers will not make deliveries to an adult person appearing inebriated.

To ensure prompt and successful deliveries of your wines, please ensure that an adult (21 years of age or older) will be present and available to sign for your shipment.

Winery will not be held responsible for any shipment delays (or wine damaged as a result of such delays) caused by erroneous information provided by the customer at the time of ordering or caused by the failure of an adult to be present for signature at the time the wines are delivered.

Will you ship my order to an alternate address?

No. We only ship to your primary address. We use screening services to confirm your address, age, and whether your location can accept alcohol product shipments.

In the case of a missed delivery, our carriers may allow delivery at an alternate site of their choice.

What is your policy about weather and shipping?

Like other wineries, we are unable to provide refunds or replacements for wines damaged by adverse weather (extreme heat and cold) during shipping. Please consider weather conditions between California and your address before ordering. We reserve the right to put temporary holds on your shipment orders if excessively hot or cold weather is anticipated along the way to your delivery address.

How much can I order on your site?

Almost all states place limits on how much alcohol product can be directly shipped to a person or address. They use limits to ensure that state approved distributors handle very large orders that they assume will be consumed by more than one person or household. Our order system will flag large orders for special attention by our team and they will be rejected if they exceed individual or cumulative order limits applicable in your area. If you are contemplating a large order for a special event, please contact us at one of the email addresses listed above and we will determine if a large order is possible directly to you or through a state approved distributor.

What is the cost of shipping for my order?

We do not charge for shipping. Nor do we pass along the increased carrier charges that occur during peak shipping times. You are responsible for applicable sales taxes and those will be listed on your order.